Monday, October 7, 2013

Study of China Part 2

This is the back of the China portion - the other countries from the continent of Asia will follow the dragon tail.

The girls had just finished the study when we had a scheduled meeting with a group of government delegates from China last night so they brought their books to show them.  The head official of the CCCWA (the branch of the government that handles all of the adoptions for the country) asked if he could take one of the girls' books back to China with him!  I think they liked the fact that former Chinese citizens are learning about their birth country.

Chicka was willing to relinquish her book, which was actually more detailed than her sisters, but, not knowing that we wouldn't be returning home with her book. I had not taken any photos ;-)

FYI, I never made it clear to the officials that we are homeschoolers - wasn't quite sure how that would fly!  I figured that they could just assume what they wished!

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