Sunday, October 13, 2013

Honey Harvest!

Well, a little, anyway! Can you see Chicka's tongue hanging out in anticipation????

This summer, I had a swarm arrive in one of my empty brood boxes  - not ready with frames in it.  Don't mistake me, I am super glad that a swarm just happened by the 'hood and settled.  They are "busy bees" they are.  UNFORTUNATELY, since it was an empty box with no frames, they built their own freestyle comb.  It was only attached in one little bitty spot to the "roof" and upon our regular visit to the hive, it detached and collapsed onto the frames below.

So, upon our hive visit today, IBoy and I did some housekeeping and removed the top portion.  Since the girls had been so busy all summer, they still have more than enough stored to feed them over the winter AND we got an especially sweet treat!

Thank you, bees!

Not too bad - from the land of "milk and honey"!

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