Monday, October 21, 2013

Not So Pretty

Not at all pretty, as a matter of fact! What are they?

Well, after we strained our honey there was a pile of mostly wax but some honey. We set the bowl out by the bees and they promptly devoured the honey that was in there and we were left with beautiful powdery wax!

We put the wax in a double boiler and warmed it enough to be able to handle it and made a couple of candles! Note the exquisite precision forms? Heck, they burn - even if they aren't beauties! And, we found that we could make them easily! Next year we will focus on perfection. Yeah, right.

They sure smell good, too!

On a different note - here is a fruit that we have on a tree that we simply cannot identify!  It grows fuzzy and then looses the fuzz.  At first we thought it was an Asian Pear.  It is GROSS!  It sucks any and all moisture from your mouth when you bite into it.  Maybe it just isn't ripe yet?  We haven't got a clue!  The moisture around the seeds is gelatinous.  Any ideas?

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