Saturday, October 19, 2013

Remember me, Geocaching?

Well, life seems like a blur these days. One of my favorite activities, geocaching, had gone by the wayside. A few days ago, with the help of a new app on my ipad, we struck out on a gorgeous fall day to find a few, and enjoy God's loveliness around us.

This was an old, abandoned dynamite shack.  You would NEVER see it from the remote logging road that it was on, unless you were looking for it.  Even then, we nearly didn't see it!  Yes, it is also hunting season, thus the fashionable attire.

Captain, of course, has to examine the internal structure of the shack.  Not very much left of it!

Miss JiJi found an old abandoned boot.  Hmmm, wonder what the story of THAT is????  She wanted to include this photo for your enjoyment - she pointed to the boot - a little off, but you can see it behind her finger.  Close, sweetie!  We have been working on body gestures and how sighted people use them all the time.  She loves to nod or shake her head to tell me yes or no.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know if the person she is answering is looking at her or not, so we sometimes don't communicate effectively!

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