Monday, September 3, 2012

Whirlwind Vacation

We had the opportunity to visit IBoy in the far north west of our lovely US of A before he comes home in two weeks.  It was only a few days, but we made the most of it and had a blast!

I think staying in a beach house was WAY more fun than a hotel.

Even if we had to sleep 3 to a bed.  Didn't seem to bother the littles at all!

Our family has always enjoyed the books and movies with Ma and Pa Kettle - a true story of a young woman from the Pac NW and her adventures.  We passed right through the area where most of the book was based, so we had to stop and document it.

And then it was on to the circus pre show tour!!

And then the actual circus . . . .
The circus clown chose our row to do part of his act in.

Dad and Chicka checking out something exciting.

MissE on the edge of her seat during the motorcycle act.

And then back to more fun in the water

We had a bubble gum blowing contest.
MissE being goofy.

 Dad fell asleep at the park, and our new found friend guarded him.

The same little guy was so sweet and gentle with JiJi on the beach.
Chicka found a treasure to share.  Yuck!

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