Sunday, September 23, 2012


Who'd'a'thunk cleaning a tuna would be called carking.  Like, who would have come up with such a weird word for cleaning a fish!

I didn't know it until I proudly came home hauling a 25 pound whole tuna.

I can everything else, I was confident that I could can a tuna.  How?  I had no idea, but my trusty friend "Google" led me to a site that taught me.  I have to say it was the easiest game that I have ever cleaned - easier than poultry, rattlesnake, rabbit, venison.  I haven't done goat yet, but I plan on that real soon.

I canned us up some plain tuna, some lemon/black pepper tuna, some garlic tuna and some jalapeno tuna.  Now it looks too pretty to open up!

If you have to know, out of that 25 pound whole tuna, I got 8 pints and 6 half pints.

So, if you have a twisted sense of curiosity and want to see how you cark a tuna (and I know you do . . . .) here it is.

Unless you want to turn back now.

Your choice.

OK - how is this - if you look at these pictures, you have to leave me a comment on the oddest creature that you have ever cleaned.  And eaten.

I bet I might have you beat on that one, too - had scorpions lately???  Kinda crunchy, but not too bad.

Alright - Tuna Carking 101


Lori said...

Oh my word, you have homemaking super powers!!


I'm REALLY impressed by your epic skills!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there superwoman. The only thing I've ever carked is cleaning out the inside of a tuna can. Way to impress us all, lady.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Where do you live?? :) The wilds of Alaska? Wow. I'm impressed with the diversity of your skills. :)

Holly said...

I've really only canned pretty traditional stuff. But since I can't taunt you with weird can I stun you with quantity? One time I canned 210 quarts of applesauce. My family thinks it's a staple. Ugh!