Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family Fun

Everyone had the day off, so we took advantage of it and packed a picnic.

There is a hidden waterfall about 10 miles from our home, so we decided that would be the destination.  We had heard that if you climbed above the falls and went back the creek a ways, you could find some cool rocks.

When we got to the falls, someone had been there and made a huge display of pleasing rock towers.  Kind of gave it an even more peaceful feeling.

After much bushwhacking (us whacking the bushes, to be sure, but plenty of the bushes whacking us, too!) and challenging terrain over brambles, fallen trees that we crawled over and under, we finally found the top of the falls.

I would also like to introduce to you our current stowaway, MrD.  We are very happy to have him living with us!

The Lulie's and the dufus mom - believe me, this was the best shot of several - sad.
  That is ok - this mama was enjoying every second of so many of us being together in one spot at the same time!

The posin' Papa - no wonder our progeny likes to goof off so much - it is hereditary!

A beautiful ending from our front porch to a beautiful family day.

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Sarah said...

That place looks amazing!! Glad you enjoyed the great memories with your sweet fam.