Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perkins Giveaway is hosting an awesome giveaway - not to mention that it is a tremendous site on it's own!  Go take a look - just click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph!!!

Perkins SMART Brailler Giveaway!

using a Perkins SMART Brailler in the classroom

Maybe you've heard the news about the new Perkins SMART Brailler and if you have you're probably pretty excited about it.
Imagine a brailler with a computer screen and the capability to remember who you are, save your files and settings, quiz you on your braille skills and talk to you!
As a sighted parent, imagine being able to see what your child is typing on the screen in both print and braille so you can follow along and help them! What an amazing tool for anyone (child or adult) learning braille and what an amazing tool to have in a classroom!
Here's what the new SMART Brailler looks like:

SMART Brailler Features

SMART Brailler Features:
  • A video screen that displays SimBraille and large print, combined with audio feedback, for an instantaneous, multi-sensory learning experience
  • The ability to edit, save and transfer electronic documents via USB
  • The "Building on Patterns Series," developed by the American Printing House for the Blind, can be downloaded to the SMART Brailler, offering easy lessons for anyone – sighted or blind – who wants to learn braille
  • Headphone jack and volume control
  • Acapela Text to Speech from Acapela Group
  • Mechanical brailler capability
  • Multiple language platforms including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Portuguese
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
Want to learn more? Watch this video below and be prepared to be amazed:

Would you like to win a brand new Perkins SMART Brailler for your child (or classroom)?Entering this giveaway is easy. Simply send me an email letting me know that you want to enter this contest or leave a comment below. I'll be accepting entries until October 5th at midnight.

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Rules for the SMART Brailler Giveaway:

One entry per person. There will be one winner for this giveaway. We can only ship in the US and Canada.
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Be sure to send me an email to let me know what you did for your extra entry.
This contest will end October 5th at midnight. The winner will be contacted on October 6th.
Good luck!

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