Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tick, tick, tick, tick

I know that I shouldn't be antsy about the wait yet.  It has only been just under 3 weeks that we have been waiting for the coveted next step, THE Letter of Seeking Confirmation.  I know I need to let the timing rest in His hands.  I know it.
But it is hard.
So hard knowing that my daughter wakes each morning without a hug.  Knowing that she goes to sleep each night without a kiss from me and a blessing on her forehead (she does get plenty of prayers from across the sea, though!).

Their proud creation - an ice cream ladybug!

I couldn't resist taking this photo - the girly girl with farm boots!

Yup - the first tooth loss!
I have made myself play the patient prayer warrior game.  Every time my mind wanders into whining at her not being here, I turn it around and say a prayer for her protection, a prayer for a family's heart to be opened to adoption, and a prayer for all the world's orphans.
Chicka wanted to wear her Korean dress the other day.  She then proceeded to pick up her guitar and start singing and playing.  I think we really need to get her a lefty guitar! 
No, the children don't have any toys.  They have to go to the chicken pen and find an old corn cob to use.

Our newest addition - a blue maran.  She will lay dark "chocolate" colored eggs - I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Love your cutie pies and can't wait to see the newest little darling!! :) Praying for a speedy LOA!