Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Like Us, Mama?

Last night after bedtime stories, songs and prayers - just as I was leaving the bedroom, Chicka says to me ....


"Yes, lovie?"

"When you go to Ch*na to bwing Ji-Ji home?"

"As soon as Ch*na says I can go."

"Oh.  Just like us, Mama?"

"Uh - a little girl like you, sweetie?  When Ch*na told me I could come get you?

"No, Mama - a ofin gull (orphan girl), mama, wif no Mom or Dad."

I got choked up so fast that I couldn't answer for a bit.  Our children put ideas together so fast - sometimes correctly, sometimes not so.

Yes, we have talked using the word orphan, but never directly saying that they were orphans.  Yes, they know that they have a Mom and a Dad in Ch*na who couldn't take care of them, that is why God chose us to be a family together.

Somehow though, coming from MY daughter's mouth, it hurt my mama's heart so much that MY sweetie knows that she was once an orphan.

Thankfully, an orphan no longer.


Shonni said...

The journey we walk with our children does bring some precious and tender moments, doesn’t it.

Anonymous said...

oh donna,
i know this conversation.
it brings tears to me right now reading of your little one.
Can't wait to see Ji Ji in your arms, orphaned no longer.

Madeleine said...


Reconciling the sorrow of being an orphan with the joy of being adopted to a loving family... is cemented by pain and delight.

I wonder how my 2 will come to terms with it.

I love them so much. Even the one who is not here yet.

I didn't know you were getting another!!! WHAT JOY!!!

AND are you still using Kolbe? Did you use it ever? I used it when my kids got to high school, but I am starting next year with Samuel (th grade) so maybe he can used to the work requirement. :P lol

Carrie said...

just crying over your convo with your little one! We talk often of China because Anna-Grace brings it up. And I think it brings us closer together when she tells me her heart.