Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peeps 'n Fears

We just hatched out 3 wee chicks.  I know that 2 of them are cochins, but I can't figure out what this little one is!  Any suggestions?

I bought 4 new layers, 1 cochin and 3 were supposed to be wyandottes that layed blue eggs.  Well, I didn't know, because I have never had wyandottes before.  Guess what - they are supposed to lay off-white eggs.  As are the cochins.

Hmm - I have blue/green eggs (like Americaunas) (which these hens look like :-) and tan eggs.  Now here is the confusing part.  1 cochin and 3 unknowns (guessing Americuanas) and I usually get 2 brownish-tan-off white eggs and 1 blue/green egg.  One chicken laying 2 eggs a day and 3 chickens laying 1 egg a day?  Something seems odd.

Oh, yes.  Throw in one maran rooster here taking his manly liberties with my girls (imagine that!)("mama - that rooster is fighting the hens!" "uh, yup, you rotten guy - be nice!").  I think the chicks that just hatched were fertilized from where I purchased them.  I think.  But - from what breed of rooster?  Ha!  The mystery chicks of the month!
 I figured the girls needed a zip-line.  I tried to come up with one for them out of rope, a caribiner and some PVC pipe.  Uh - failure.
 While I was trying to figure out a better zip-line, the girls entertained themselves with some scrap plywood and a skateboard.  Yee-haw!
 I remembered that IBoy had an old zip-line in the north forty that he said that he didn't use anymore and I was welcome to relocate it.  What he didn't mention to me that it was affixed to a tree.  WAY UP in a tree.
 Have I ever told you that my knight in shining armor had to rescue me from putting up Christmas lights on our one story garage gutter one year?  I climbed the ladder and got one leg hoisted up to the roof, thinking I would just edge myself along the edge of the not very steeply slanted roof to install the lights.  Ahem.  I was SO afraid that I couldn't move!

Do you know what the meaning of acrophobia is?  Uh huh.  Grand Canyon.  Sure, kiddos - let's hike a ways down the canyon!  Uh - about 20 feet into the hike, they couldn't pry me off of the wall.  I just KNEW I was going to fall!

So.  I am determined to relocate this durn zip-line for my girlies.  In reality, it wasn't THAT far up the ladder, but this is what it looked like to me as I began my ascent.  "Just DO IT, ya dummy!"  And guess what?  I DID it!  My knees were a'wobblin' when I got down, but I DID it!

I even got it up, but I wasn't able to get it quite tight enough, so I guess I'll need a little muscle help with that when my knight in shining armor comes home!

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