Monday, August 17, 2009

Panda Potluck & Snakes

Chicka and I attended a Panda Club potluck and had a great time playing and visiting with friends. This is the first time that we have been around a large group of adoptive families. At first, what struck me is that all of the adults were caucasian and predominately all of the kiddos were asian. Duh - it is a group formed for just that mix.

The next thought that hit me, pardon me if this comes out sounding weird, I don't mean anything racist by it, was that here are all these asian kids, but acting like plain old American kids. Duh - they ARE American kids.

I don't quite know how to word it, I am unsure of what my pre-conceived idea was. Maybe I was expecting a group of asian kids to act like we were back in China? I guess what was so odd about it all was that I don't see my youngest daughter as being asian or caucasian/American or Chinese - she is just my beautiful daughter who happens to have enviously brown skin, gorgeous eyes, and an amazing spirit (to mention just a few qualities)! Please don't get upset with me for sharing this thought, it is one of those moments that I need time to wrap my thoughts around, I guess.

"WILD" flowers (vs. tame/domesticated - they have to be caged!). Or in reality, overgrown WEEDS!

The snakes must be enjoying the sun after the week of cloudy, cool and rainy weather because they were out in full force this morning. I think we might need to get another cat or two. I know that snakes are good - they eat the bugs, but they are snakes for goodness sakes!

I thought I was brave and was happily snapping close-up pictures. There is something about being behind the lens and not knowing exactly how close you are to your subject, because as soon as that darned snake moved, there was a sound that came out of me that I didn't know I was capable of! Move? Oh, my stars, I didn't know that I could jump so high, so fast! At least I didn't drop the camera!

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Lori said...

I totally understand your thoughts on getting together with other Asian kiddos. :) But truly, kids are kids...worldwide.

I'm so behind on your blog! Love all your pics. You guys stay busy at your house. I love all your activities and fun!!