Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me

OK - it is still Monday - and I finally have a "not me" moment, and oh my word - it is gross! I had just baked some cinnamon rolls and left them on the counter. The boys had been through the kitchen, I followed. There were some crumbs on the counter and I popped them into my mouth. As I am doing so, I am thinking that it probably not the wisest move I could make. Hmmm - texture and flavor that I wouldn't expect from cinnamon rolls. Swallow. AHHHHHH - the cat food (dry, if that is any consolation!) had been sitting there earlier. I did NOT eat cat food tonight!!!!! Bletch!

Over the weekend, we attended the annual AGCI picnic. All God's Children is the agency who helped us bring Chick-a-Dee home.

Auntie got a new camera and has been having fun snapping pictures. She is getting some really nice shots! How about this one -

I just read on another blog of a family that just received their LOA from China - their LID is only 2 weeks before ours. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, but it sure is on my mind!


Carrie said...

I do the same thing!

Lindsey's mom said...

That is really COOL!! I hope you get it!! I wont be far behind you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I have done things like this. Such is the life of a mom.