Monday, September 9, 2013

A Great Big THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for all the votes and participating in the event for the Smart Brailler - that was a l.o.n.g. time to keep remembering to vote!

O.K.  sigh.

Miss JiJi did NOT win the Smart Brailler contest, but Miss Abby did!  Congratulations, darlin'!  It was an exciting day yesterday to watch the percentages fluctuate and wonder which of the top two contestants was actually going to win - way to go Abby!

Now for the super cool news.  Perkins has offered to each of the other five families the option to purchase a Smart Brailler from them with a $500 discount.  Nice discount, for certain.  It gets better.  

Remember the movie Pay it Forward?  Well, we have something like that going on right now!  One of the five remaining kiddos, I believe, has already raised enough funds to purchase his smart brailler.  Another kiddo is already halfway there.  To my knowledge each of the families, including the winner, has pledged to donate any extra funds from their fundraisers back into helping the other children from the event purchase their own Smart Brailler!  Pretty awesome, 'eh?

You can always keep clicking on the image of Marty on the sidebar to be directed to the wonderbaby site, which has all the updated information on what is happening, and to whom.

Here is our fundraiser link -

And here are two of the other fundraiser links - please visit them!

Thanks, once again - you guys are rock-stars!

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Penny said...

thank you for your visit.. :) I am sharing the link ( I really should be sleeping so if I wrote more I would sound wacky. :))

It would be beaiful if all the kids could get one.