Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Yet Another One is "Born"

Miss JiJi was able to see "the birth" of this little chick, from the first peep hole, a bigger one, a crack, and she got to see it come out of the egg!

Can I tell you that our sweetie (well, all of them, as a matter of fact - bio and adopted) adds so much richness to our lives?  If you ever have any questions about blindness, please don't hesitate to ask!  Of course, each child comes with their own personalities and quirks, but blindness as a special need?  SOOOOO easy!  SOOOOOOO not an issue!  We love to see things in a new light through our daughter's lack of sight!

And yes, she washed her hands well with soap afterwards!

Now, go vote.  Thank you!

Don't forget to KEEP voting! Each IP address (I actually first wrote IEP - you know what I am thinking about!) is allowed one vote every 24 hours.

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