Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cookin' up some Cajeta

And we bring you yet another goat product (as Chicka would say)!

Cajeta - goat milk, sugar and vanilla - all boiled down to a delicious sweet caramel. Dip some apples in it, drizzle it over ice cream. YUMMY! We also just made a Cinnamon Honey batch of cream cheese. The girls just sampled it on our whole wheat sourdough artisan bread that just came out of the oven. Yes, it is a hit around here!

Although we are at the bottom of the heap as far as voting goes - there is just one day left to vote. Won't you please take the time to head over to cast yours? Just click on the image of Marty on the right sidebar and you will be directed to the voting poll.


1 comment:

Andi Carter said...

This sounds tasty! We used to raise milk goats. I made cheese, but never this. Wish I'd known about it.

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