Thursday, February 16, 2012


Oh, yes - that is a full fledged spike on that deliciousnous of a a daughter!  She loved it!  Thanks, JieJie!

You want to know what else?  That scrumptiousnous, who has only heard English for less than two months, is beginning to speak in complete sentences.  Complete English sentences!

Feb 14, 2012

Go in the car.
Holy Spirit
I want some more.
Did Daddy go to work?
Open the door.
Close the door.
Time to eat.
get jammies on
I want to go in the car.
I want to get my shoes.
I want some chicken.
I want pizza.
Daddy go to sleep.
Take a shower.
I want toast.
Look, Mama!

  We continue to be amazed at how this lamb of God has bloomed before our eyes.  Only because of Him and His amazing plan do we have this awesome privilege of ALL of our children.  I pray daily that I might be a worthy vessel of Him, caring for His most beloved creations.

I know MissE looks disgusted, but truly, she wasn't.  This is the first time the cousins have seen each other in a couple of years.  And what was the occasion, you might wonder?

Sure enough - a birthday!  EIGHTEEN?  HOW is that remotely possible that our baby son is THAT old?????

Doing one of his favorite activities - having a group of friends over and playing airsoft in the back forty.  How could life be any better than that, now tell me!

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~Angela said...

How amazing! Our Mia who has been with us for exactly two months today, says pretty much the same sentences. So exciting to hear how much they can pick up in so little time. Thanks be to God!!