Monday, February 20, 2012

Individual Servings of Lasagne

We decided to make regular lasagne, but roll each noodle separately. Easy, fun and far less messy to serve!  In addition, I was able to freeze some as single serve pieces for the Fire Station Volunteers. Just before we popped it into the oven, but I forgot to take a bubbly, juicy photo after it baked!

We had some left-over noodles that couldn't be wasted, so we threw some ingredients together - cottage cheese, apples, walnuts, egg, nuts, sugar and spices and made a dessert lasagne.  Amazingly, it was really good!

Roller derby queens - NOT!


Anonymous said...

Yummy food ideas AND super cute girls?!? Love this post!

~Angela said...

Okay now this is really creative. I'm going to try this yummy way of making lasagne. Thanks for sharing.