Friday, February 3, 2012

A Beautiful Winter Day

Yup - the boy has new wheels.  Not that he is excited about it.  At all.  Grandpa, Papa and IBoy have put in countless hours and miles searching for THE car and they finally found  it.  He has had it 3 days.  It has been washed 3 times.  Not that he is excited about it.  At all.

The weather outside today was nearly 60 degrees!  In February!  We took advantage of it and played outside all afternoon.  JiJi learned to ride her scooter.  Miss Daredevil, Zabi, took on another hill on her bike.  Fortunately it didn't end in a crash this time!

The girls made all sorts of plans for their tree - they figured it probably wasn't quite big enough to sleep in tonight, as "bears CAN climb trees, remember, mom?"

The good neighbor rule - it is ok to squirt with a hose, as long as you are prepared with an umbrella!

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~Angela said...

Love the pictures! Yep...not excited about the car one bit. It's a beauty!!