Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yeah! I thought the day might never come this year! With MissE now having her driver's license, it lightened my road time considerably for the last few weeks. But now, with school officially over for all of the kiddos for the summer, we can finally focus on home time.

IBoy has daily visits from the neighbor boys - much younger, but they tromp the forest and build and have adventures in the wild just the same. I don't think any of them care about the age spread!
MissE is now frantically applying to any and all scholarships that are still floating around - madly writing essays day and night. If you know of any, please don't hesitate to bring them to our attention!
Ready to go - NOT! With a 50/50 chance, don't you think that one could get the individual articles on the right way half the time? Somehow I don't think she should play the odds. Her average isn't great!

The littles are having a blast running around outside all day - swinging, catching frogs, wading in the creek, playing outdoor house and all the little girl activities that summer brings forth. We decided to do a trial tent run last night to make sure that Zabi is comfortable with sleeping outdoors. She was snoring the first one asleep! And where was Dad, do you guess? Yup - snoring contentedly - in BED!!!! I couldn't even talk MissE into sleeping with us!
If you know of anyone who might be interested in the addition of an adorable kitten (or two!), speak quickly - they are going fast, you know!


Kristi said...

Happy summer to you! Love the pink camo eye patch. It's time for us to reorder and I think we'll give those a shot!

Madeleine said...

If I was a cathoic, I would have to go to confession for being SUPER ENVIOUS. We are not going to stop schooling all summer. First time for Samuel. ugh.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that you dress those 2 the same. :) Too cute for words.

And the sleep out??!! Love it. Though I wonder if I would be the one snoring in my bed too, and John would be out there with the kid. lol.

Life looks good my friend.