Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sssshhhhhhh - don't tell - I'm turning 100 years old next week!

Really, truly! Hubby's Grandma was born 100 years ago, next week! Not too many of us will live to see all the amazing changes that happen around us in 100 years. Grandma recently moved in with mom, but up until then, she lived completely on her own!

Yes, she does love to flirt with and smooch on the good lookin' guys. IBoy looks like he doesn't mind it too much!

We are having a humdinger of a party for her coming up and I hear that the local newspaper is interviewing her tomorrow!


Darcy @ m3b said...

That is truly a treasure of a shot.

Love this! said...

Great photo and Happy Birthday to Grandma! That's something to celebrate!!!!


Amanda said...

What a precious, priceless picture!!!

Susan said...

Oh my...what a picture.

Please wish her a great big Happy Birthday for me!!


Lisa said...

OH! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful party!!!

By the way "the secret" is safe with me....I would never say a word about Grandma being 100! WOW!!!

Rachel Lynn said...

That's a wonderful photo!

Madeleine said...

That is FAN-TAST-TIC!!!!

Celebrate like no other!!