Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Results of the Optical Exam

OK. I am officially envious. Here in the Pacific NW it is still winter! You guys with posts of everyone playing in the water and all the flowers blooming - cut it out, ok? I am NOT a summer person, but this year, well, I am looking forward to it! Come on, sun!

A gift from J - a braille book that they can read together!

AND, two miniature Dessies!!!!!! Their harness even comes off for when they are not working!

And here is the result of our most recent eye exam - 2 hour a day patch for Chicka and new glasses, AND Zabi now is in glasses! She loved "writing" before glasses, but now that she can see well enough, she is copying letters! She wrote her name for the first time last night!!!!! Now let us hope that her audiology exam in a few days has as spectacular results as getting glasses.


Shonni said...

It is also still really cool here in CO...and I am ready for some warm days so that the children can play outside.

Anonymous said...

Love your cute little chicklets in their eyewear. I'm excited to continue to hear Zabi's progress! Mia has hearing aids now and it's made a HUGE difference in her speech. So, no matter what her audiologist test results come back as... God knows. And He put her with just the right family to get her what she needs! :)
Love, your friend who's soakin' up the southern CA sun!! Sorry!

Kristi said...

How exciting to see such an improvement in eyesight! And I'm feeling the patching ~ so far so good in our house, but three hours a day for two years seems like such a long time!

Faye said...

Hi there! Any more on Zabi's hearing? Cami had ear moulds taken yesterday. Quite an adventure; she was such a trooper! Hope all is well!