Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lovely thing, internet. Not so lovely when you are on satellite with bandwidth that can be exceeded. And you exceed it. Stupid rules. As I understand it, we are allowed x bandwidth in a rotating 30 day period. If our usage exceeds that x amount, we have to wait until the days roll by to go under that x amount. Then after it drops down, you still have to wait 48 hours before you are welcomed back. Stupid rules. So, if you have cable connection - be grateful and appreciate your good fortune. I don't think that cable will EVER be available to us who live in hicksville!

In reality, not much happened around here in those two weeks anyway! Nearly every day was cold and rainy.

The girls were pretending that the fence was a train on one of the VERY few days we saw that strange yellow orb in the sky.
We have a blockage in the dog kennel sewer line. Hubalink and I geared up to unblock it, only to find that the line has probably two 45 degree angles in it and the snake wouldn't touch the clog from either direction. I am tempted to use that high pressure water bladder doo-hicky, but in visualizing the process, all I can see is it coming unclogged and dog-doo flying everywhere. Not a pretty sight.

Another brief sunny moment.
MissE had her first solo drive to school (yup - she is now the proud owner of a driver's license!).
Yup - that's my girl! Chicka LOVES to come up with crazy outfits and DANCE!
An intense game of chess, complete with paper knighting.
Can life get any better than whipped cream?
MissE graduates in a few weeks with not only her high school diploma, but her AA as well! We are blessed to call her daughter. Way to go, sweetness!
Another one of IBoy's ice experiments.
Ah, yes - perhaps licking the beater could be better than whipped cream! Especially one of IBoy's creations!
I had been working so hard to clear out this portion of the creek alongside our house. Just a few weeks ago, all the vegetation to either side was cleared out! I feel like we are living in a rain forest environment!
Grandma had her big party! Many former students and friends showed up whom she hadn't seen in ages!
Hubbie's two elder sisters getting adjusted. I think it is sweet that they address each other "sister of mine"!
Two more "adjusters". Somehow these two are pretty darned special, too!
The queen of the party (not the greatest snap of her, sorry!) a-smoochin' on her favorite grandson!
Mr.T and MissE are cousins, only two days difference in age! He is always laughing at something and has a great sense of humor!

So there you have it. A whole lot of nuthin'!

God bless.


Madeleine said...

Aw that's not nothing! That's life in all its beautiful glory!!

And the pictures are great! A visual peek into a good life.

I have cable and have always had it. I don't understand the concept of broadband and this is the first time I have heard how it works.


I'm lgad you are back!

as written by Barbara said...

Oh, sooooo glad you're okay! Love the pictures & descriptions... the little 'uns sparkle making their own kind of sunshine so special to watch. And the "young adults" (aka big kids), are soooo smart.
Thanks again for sharing,

Barbara Lyman
Marsville, WA