Saturday, March 13, 2010

Springing Forward

Don't forget - tomorrow is the day that we "spring forward". Somehow I prefer "falling back", but no one consulted me. harrrrumph!

Not much going on around here. IBoy is at the cast party for the private showing of the blooper film from their Under Liberty production. MissE just called - she finished her SAT test - said that it was a breeze. That is the final piece of paper she needs for her university application - prayers are appreciated for scholarships to come seeking her out now! The littles have just gone down for their afternoon nap. Papa is in town looking at and hopefully purchasing a new set of tires for the Bloody Red car. I am going to finish up this post as quickly as possible so that I can scoot up to the sewing room and whip up a valance for my kitchen window. Not that you asked for all that no-news, but now you have it. Don't you feel special? hee hee!

The girls made these shamrocksafter we read about St. Patrick using the shamrock to explain the Trinity. The red heart is God the Father, the cross is Jesus the Son and the dove of course represents the Holy Spirit.

Silly girls with theirChinese New Year hats on. Chicka is wearing a patch for an hour a day again to strengthen her left eye.

The sun was partially in the sky this morning, so we took a chance and drove down off of our hill to ride bikes at the school.

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Faye said...

I LOVE the shamrocks! We're going use the idea and make them too! Thanks!