Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exciting News to Share!!!!!

Yup - you guessed it! We are adding to our family!!!!!

We have found a sibling group of three one year old girls that we feel will fit into our family perfectly!

We were lucky enough to see a posting of them recently and decided to take the plunge.

Their names are Betsy, Ginger and Marilou.

The girls are alert and active, and have expressed a desire to contribute their talents to us.

We are all looking forward to getting to know each other better and a happy future together.

We just returned home with them this afternoon and they seem to be doing fine.

Zabi and Chicka are overjoyed and are loving on the new additions.

Although our housing situation wasn't quite ready to add 3 young ones at this time, the foster parent had an excellent solution for sleeping arrangements.

They were kind enough to send the girls' beds with us!

They are originally from Rhode Island and come from South American lineage.

I am proud to share their photos with you without further ado!

Hee hee - here I bet you were thinking children of human descent, heh???? Sorry - I couldn't resist!


Lori said...

Hahaha! Are they your first of these types of children? We have had chickens for a long time now and just love them!! Fresh eggs every day are the best!

Charlene said...

AHHH!!! Oh my, I couldn't stop giggling! I love your new children! I hope one day to have some grown girls like yours. I'm about to do a chick blog update...not good. Killed by a neighbor's dog. Looks like we're starting over.

Madeleine said...


You are cruel!!!

But funny.

And they are beautiful.
John has been wanting chicken for a long time. But we need more property, specially because we have 2 beagles. :p.

Great post!

Shonni said...

Well, that are cute!

From China With Love said... had me!
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