Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Singing Sisters On Stage

This video is pretty long - I apologize. I kept trying to get a shorter shot, but for whatever reason the twits wouldn't cooperate! They were having a blast dressing up and singing for us, so who were we to cut them short???? Somehow I think they need a few new songs to freshen up the mix! Maybe a few voice lessons wouldn't hurt, either.
I just received some new photos of our godson in China and his mom, our dear friend, Michelle. Have you ever seen a cuter little patootie?????


Anonymous said...

As a "professional" living room performer, Mia thought this was quite entertaining!! She especially enjoyed the clapping throughout. :) When Inara busts into the "ABC song", Mia yelled, "Mom! They know my song!" Could there be a higher compliment?!? hugs to you and your cuties- Sarah and Mia

Madeleine said...

OH I want so much, to see this video. It loaded, but it won't play!!!