Saturday, October 17, 2009


While I was on our conference call titled "meeting your new child" with 3 other families and a social worker, Aunti took Chicka outside. Of course since I was in the bedroom with the door closed, they couldn't get in for a coat or shoes. No worries - boots and a robe always makes a wonderful fashion statement!!!!

We received our notice of I797 - immigration is now processing our final approval to bring our Zabi-Chu home!!!! Our agency says that we SHOULD hear of our Travel Approval in 3-4 weeks!


Jean said...

Yippee!!! Another step closer!! Congrats!!

Love the pic- bathrobe and winter boots who da thunk it!! It works!!

Lori said...

Lucy has that same bathrobe!! So cute! Now I need to get her some boots like, such style!

You are getting soooo close to going to China!! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

SO excited for you... can you believe it's actually coming now?!? You get to go to China again!! YAY!!! love, The Humes

Lindsey's mom said...

We got ours as well!!! Approved as of 10/14! This is exciting!!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Very fashionable!