Monday, October 19, 2009


I guess it really is fall. IBoy went to the Homecoming Dance! Although he is not a part of the school, a friend that he has known for over 4 years invited him to accompany her. They had a great time, but neither of them cared much for the music selection. They danced the slow dances, the few rock songs that were played, and chose to otherwise occupy themselves when the rest of the music played so as to avoid having to witness the inappropriate gyrations and activities taking place on the dance floor. Seriously - isn't that what the chaperones are supposed to not allow????? Have I shared with you how much I love my children - how proud I am of them????

Who has the horse face????

THIS is what happens when we are trying to watch a movie and Chicka leaves the room.

A view that we were greeted with as we descended our driveway a couple of mornings ago. I wish that I would have had my good camera with me - now that I have gotten used to the better quality, this seems so inferior!



Great pictures... How are you? I have missed talking to you. Hope you have a great day. Many Blessings,

quilt-n-mama said...

I wish I woke up to that each morning:) Beautiful!