Saturday, October 3, 2009


Not too many happenings for awhile. That is a good thing!
IBoy and a friend, Chick-a-Dee and myself drove up to Great Wolf Indoor Waterpark last weekend to play. Chicka had a great time clutching my hand in one vice-grip and an inflated tube in the other and walking from non-existent water to waist deep water and back again. Over and over ad nauseum. That was her water fun, and she really did have fun. I walked alot. Back and forth. Over and over. fun. We didn't see the boys at all - they had a blast in all the water slides.
A friend graciously offered us their bounty of grapes from their garden, so we went and picked them, came home and canned about 20 quarts of yummy grape juice and made a ton of grape jelly.


Lori said...

You made your own grape juice and jelly??? You are Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

you go, girl! one handed typin here ;0.

cheri said...

I really love this photo!

Jean said...

We have never made grape juice or grape jelly- how fun!!

You must live in a neighboring state to us!! We love the Kalahari! We also had a son that went to the nearby University!! Go Badgers!