Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Porcupines and Spaghetti

Oh - before I say anything else, two of you got the mystery photo right! It was some sort of fungi growing on a stump - I had never seen any that vividly colored!
Sorry it has been such a long time since the last post - we have been busy doing a little more landscaping and getting outside work done before the weather turns. We also began our new venture of schooling world history, chemistry and logic together with another family, so there was planning to do on that front. Our other school co op begins next week and I am going to teach a geocaching class, so that will be my focus over the next few days now.

How do you like our new house? It might need a little elbow grease here and there . . . . .
an air conditioned back porch,
Come on in - looks inviting, doesn't it?
Just kidding! This was another spot sil and I found to take some photos last week!

The other night the dogs alerted us to something prowling the property. IBoy went to investigate and this is what he found:

Over 50 friends have been invited up to our place Friday night to play a game of Bible Smuggling. In the dark. It is a combination of tag and capture the flag in the forest. The teens are psyched about it, and I'm not sure what the adults are saying - they don't usually use "those" kind of words around me! hee hee Many of the families are pitching tents and staying overnight. Should be a blast!

To get the "trails blazed" in preparation, 7 friends volunteered to come up and and lend a hand. They kind of worked up an appetite. Guess ya gotta feed the buggers, eh?

I have been having fun stalking ebay for great deals on "twin" clothing. I have read that by dressing the girls alike, it will help our newest daughter feel more like she belongs. Kind of a visual reminder - oh, we are wearing the same clothes, I must be a part of this family! Yeah - that is the "official" reason I am going crazy. Do you want the "real" reason? I think that it will look stinkin' CUTE! Yes, I will continue to do it until they voice an objection!

A box of the new clothes came today. Dad thought that a matching outfit was for him -
and this is what Chicka thought of THAT idea!

Couldn't resist sharing this photo. I was warming up some leftover spaghetti, turned around and saw Chicka scarfing down the cold noodles straight from the bowl!


Lori said...

That settles it, I really want to move next door to you. You guys are having too much fun and I would love for our kids to do school stuff together!

Ok, maybe someday....

Love your photos! You are so creative in your photography.

At first glance, I looked right passed the pic of Chicka and admired your kitchen! :) I love it!

Gotta go...we leave in 48 hours!!!

Carrie said...

Now thats they way to eat!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of dressing the girls alike. Even my friends and I loved that when we were girls :)!