Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bible Smugglers

Warning: This is a multi session post, please be patient! I have been swamped and not able to sit down and devote any time to sharing about our game night. Here are a few photos, I have had so many people asking to get them up and we are headed into a crazy busy week, so I'll do my best!

A crowd of fun loving, energetic families convened at our place on Friday night for a much anticipated game of Bible Smuggling. A game played in the forest, in the dark. The object is for two teams to smuggle their "bibles" to "churches" hidden around the playing area without being caught by the police. If a person is caught by the "police", they are put into "jail" and made to give up their "bible". The captives can be released from "jail" by correctly answering Bible trivia.
What is this - a used car lot????
Scoping the area.
Checking in.
Dads chatting.
Camp set-up.
Hanging out.
A innovative roasting technique!
Good music.

Getting the proper camo make-up.
MissE on the left and Mams-friend.
Ready to go.
Lining up for a head count before heading out for the first round.

By the time that I ran to the house to get the video camera, the crowd was noisy and dispersed, and I only caught the tail end of their last song that they played :-( They really sounded much better than what you can hear here.
Of course there couldn't be a campfire without the staple s'more!
Front of the house.
A tired momma.
The littles enjoying the swings and fort.
Some chose to stay inside for the night.

Part of the crew gathered in a warm, dry kitchen for breakfast!
Out the back door.

I have a TON more pictures of our fun event on FB, if you are interested in seeing them in all of their unedited glory!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Looks like they had lots of fun!!

Goosegirl said...

Your Bible Smuggling game looks really fun! And it is a great idea for a game too! Oh, how awesome it would be if the real Bible smugglers could just answer Bible trivia to get out of jail. Thank you for the reminder to pray for those we know in danger.

Anonymous said...

Music distorts easily through these type of mics. I think your camera picked up too much of the surrounding sound. still, there a thousand moments like this we want to have and to hold!