Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LSC/LOA !!!!!!!

Yup - you heard it right - our Letter Seeking Confirmation formerly known as Letter Of Approval is HERE on Day 78!!!!!!
Funny thing - I was hoping that it was going to come soon, so I thought I would get a couple of number pictures ready. I was just snapping this photo when the call came!

Now we wait again. This time for our TA (Travel Approval). Our agency said that we should plan on traveling in 2 - 2 1/2 months from now. Hmmmm. Christmas in China!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your little ladybug fly away HOME... very soon!! love, The Humes

Gavin's Family said...

Congratulation! Between you and Kathy @ ...In the Waiting I am hopefull things are moving right along and we too will get some good news soon ourselves. You are getting so close and Christmas in China sounds like a GREAT idea!

Steve n Coco said...

Congratulations! I saw your blog on LCC and thought I'd stop by. I'm glad your LOA came in a decent amount of time, that is such a hard wait short or long!! And just be prepared, our TA came in 44 days... you just never know :)
Be blessed!

Charlene said...

YAY!!! What awesome news! We left on Dec. 24 to get Grace last year. We spent Christmas day in the air (got to China about 11 pm Christmas day!). What an amazing Christmas present.

Feels so good to have one more step behind you!

Jean said...

Yippee!! Congratulations!! I heard Christmas in China is wonderful! (JK)

We were there last year over Thanksgiving- there were Christmas decoration in the mall at the Province (Jiangsu) but nothing in Guangzhou.

So so happy for you!!

Carrie said...


Patty said...

Woohooo Donna!!! So happy to see this news!!!! Celebrating with you!

Goosegirl said...

WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...


Lindsey's mom said...

Hi Travel Buddy (I hope)
Still so weird that we were told no way now how on getting LOA when you did and yet WE DID! We got all our stuff off in the mail and all should be well by Monday by 1pm your time. :) They are sending our stuff off to where ever it goes. Still no real LOA but they say no worries we will just get a new one. I so hope to meet up in Gz!! What province are you adopting from. We are Henan.
LOA with ya!!!