Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunshine and Slime

Woooo Hoooo!  Of course I shouldn't get too excited, because it isn't supposed to last, but I SURE have enjoyed the past few days of sunshine!

Chick-a-Dee and Auntie catchin' some rays.

This is the beginnings of a walkway to connect the front deck with the side deck with some plantings close to the house.  I already have my Bleeding Heart planted - now to work around it!

Chick-A-Dee really enjoyed her "friend" snail!  She doesn't like worms, but she loved petting the snail's slimy neck!


Leingang Family said...

I love bleeding heart! Your path will look so nice. But I can't say that I like the snail very much. Just don't bring him to my house to play. :o)

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful where you are!