Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glasses and Disappointment

Yup - Chick-a-Dee is getting glasses!  These are the ones that she decided on, but hers will be pink!  She had a hard time deciding if she wanted purkle or pink!

Disappointment?  I have been holding my breath each day around mail time - hoping to see the envelope from Homeland Security in the box with our FBI clearance - the last piece of paper we need to have our dossier recognized by Ch*na.

I came home today to an email from Homeland Security saying that we are good to go, BUT . . .  since MissE will turn into an adult before we travel to bring Zabi-Chu home, she has to have a background clearance, too!  Yes, our rebel daughter - scary, huh!  For you who actually know that turrible teen, you will laugh - she is NOT turrible!  SO, one more hurdle to jump over and WAIT on before we can bring our sweetie home :-(

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