Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Meatball Sleeve

 I didn't even know that Zabi had a camera in hand, but she perfectly captured JiJi taking her first "look" at an earthworm.  She was more enthusiastic than I thought she would be - not squeamish in the least, but not overly thrilled, either.  I noticed that she stuck her hand in the pool water as soon as I put the worm away.  She didn't want to hold him in HER hand, either!

"Yes, Mom - my (sweatshirt) sleeve has a meatball.  I can't fix it."  I had to laugh when I actually looked at what Chicka was talking about.  What a great description of a sleeve all bunched up within itself!

What????  You don't have any cocoa krispies in your cupboard????  Throw a spoonful of hot cocoa mix on the top and stir it in - they'll never know the difference!

The hummingbirds are groovin' over my fuchsia this year.  In fact, sometimes it feels dangerous to walk around it - they come dive-bombing in from all directions!  Yesterday there were three of them zooming around it, but I only managed to capture two at a time on the camera.

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