Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Special 7

Look who is 7!!!!  Yup - it is Miss Zabi-Chu!  Although she looks less than enthusiastic here, it was a much anticipated event.  In fact, she was up and dressed, ready for the party to wake Dad up in the morning.  Ahem - the party was at dinner time.  Minor detail!

Blowin' out the candles and a special hug for Dad.

Ji-Ji snuggling on Grandma L (102 in a couple of weeks!) and Grandma J.
Sisters forever.  The two 7 year olds. Chicka is not too happy that she is still 6!  She only has another nearly 8 months to catch up :-(

What is more important here - a birthday girl, technology or a nap?

What????  I let my daughter use a real, sharp knife to cut vegetables with?  My daughter who is blind?????  Yup.  How else is she going to learn to be self sufficient?  Lest you panic, this was not a push the knife down moment, it was a feel exactly where the knife was on the carrot - hence the digits of the left hand in close proximity to the blade.  Don't all 7 year olds use a sharp knife?

Couldn't resist, I knew that your day would not be complete without enjoying a peek at my multi-ethnic treasures that I am blessed with each day.  Thank you, ladies!

Kinda like our family - all from the same original mold, all different colors, all yummy and cozy together!

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~Angela said...

Happy 7th birthday!! Love all your family pictures!! (Sorry this is a little late. I haven't been on my blog for awhile and they have changed the set up.)