Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snappy Fun

We have snappy fun, mama?

Yup, JiJi, we are going to have snappy fun!  I have no idea what snappy fun is, but it sure sounds good to me!
Eating chocolate can get down right serious!

Grandma and Topaz are having fun - I'm not sure I want to interpret the look that I'm getting from MissE!

The bucket head look.  Charming.

 JiJi's first project on her velcro board.  She was pleased as punch.  Snappy, don't you think?

Our new girl is so calm that we enjoy having her in for a visit.  Pardon the bed heads - no one was ready for guests quite yet.

This is the first time that JiJi has willingly touched an animal - she even held the hen for a bit.  I didn't notice until posting this photo that her little hands are busy exploring the chicken's feet while Chicka is holding it!  Yes, we did wash our hands well, thank you very much.

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Life's Journey said...

I have checked your blog off and on these last few months since our trip to China. I really enjoy your updates. You and your family are an inspiration to me. It's obvious that Aleline is so happy with all of you. God bless,
Eileen Lohrmann