Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Pictures

Woo hoo!  We were blessed recently with some new photos of our sweetie waiting for us!

Hmm.  Looks like a few table manners are in order.  I am happy to see that she has a good appetite, though!

I could be wrong, but I am thinking that this girl has S.P.U.N.K.!!!!!  It appears that perhaps someone's foot is on the other end of this teeter totter, and in my mind, I hear my daughter squealing with glee and daring to go faster/higher!  Oh, yes - she is my kind'a girlie!  Even that boy cut hair is growin' on me!

Our Article 5 should be picked up next Tuesday, 11/2.  From there it is delivered to the CCAA, from whence the much awaited Travel Approval is issued.  I hate to set my hopes too high, but recently there have been a number of those approvals come through in under two weeks.  Actual departure depends on when the Consulate Appointment (the process of being sworn in as an American citizen) can be scheduled.  Departure ranges from less than a week to several weeks after the TA.  I have already told our agency that we are willing to leave ASAP.

We, you say?  Just who is "we"?  Well, as finances are tight, we realized that only one of the family could afford to travel this time.  Dad decided that the representative to get'er done was Mom.  I didn't have any hesitation about heading off solo, but Dad was NOT happy about that.  I would like to introduce you to my journey sharing partner, but I guess to be polite, I should ask for their permission first.  So, I will save that for my next news flash!


Earl and Sharee said...

Donna, I love the new pictures and you're absolutely right, looks as though this girl has spunk!

I can't wait to follow the journey of your blog to China and meeting this precious little girl!

I'll live vicariously through you..while I had hoped we would travel at the same time, we are still awaiting that darn ole' I800 approval. Day 41 of the wait...

Sharee Moore

Shonni said...

Ohhh, she is a little doll! I hope that you can get her home soon!!!!!

laurajonesjournal said...

i love the photos! I just want to zoom in and she what she's eating! I'll have to show that to my girls tomorrow. You know that the photos are special to me, a glimpse into my girls first 7 years of life.
Donna, who is your agency?
Praying for you tonight and so often when i think of you
God bless you all!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Congratulations on adopting again!

Brandi said...

Donna I love this pic of her on the toy having so much fun!!!! All the info that I have of our dd is that she is 'held off' from doing any active things because of her vision or should I say lack there of. I can't wait to take her on a swing!!!! And zip down a slide!!!!! I imagine her smile like your little spunky girl here!!!

Brandi said...

Donna - unless your dd has had surgery (because we've only just met) I take solace in a little info that I found out about the short hair :) A woman that lead our China groups told me that they cut the hair when they are little girls because they believe that it will come back silkier and thicker :) I'm bringing lots of little bows and clippies for our little short haired beauty :)