Monday, October 31, 2011


Or rather, grumblings of nothing going on.  Hmmm - maybe I shouldn't complain 'eh?

Absolutely LOVING our new math curriculum - Right Start.  Although we are still in review mode - both the girls and myself are enjoying the depth that it covers and the fun games we are playing within it.  It is an abacus based method, so we are hoping that once JiJi gets going in school that she will be able to use the same program.

Yes, even the bigs still enjoy the pumpkin carving.  Of course, they wouldn't get their share of the goodies if they didn't fully participate, hee hee!

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Earl and Sharee said...

Hi There!

Stopping by to find out the latest on your adoption. Sorry you haven't any news to report but I loved the pictures of your beautiful daughters, dressed like a princess and a smile to match!

We finally received I800 approval after a 47 day wait!