Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is but a Blur

Recently, that is how I feel!  Life is good, but, oh, my heaven's sake alive - it is blurring by!

With two grown on their own, two in college, two in kindergarten whom I teach, one waiting for me across the world, getting ready to teach two Friday School classes, finishing up canning/jamming/freezing/drying, working every now and then, fussing over the durned poultry flock, putting in the wood for the year, finishing up my two classes, plus the never ending daily stuff, huuuuuuh (big breath), the days are passing me by in a blur!

Nothing exciting to chat about, sorry.  Couldn't resist sharing my youngest tickle bunnies with ya, though!

Prayers for you, my bloggy friends, for wherever you are in your blur.  May your night be full of peace and rest.  May tomorrow bloom fresh and bright for you, full of yet to be realized joy.


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you Donna.
You are living an amazing life!
I'm in awe of the love you have to bring these little ones in when you could be "slowing down" as the older ones leave the nest.
I love that about you, Donna. You are so inspiring to me. You are not wasting this life, that's for sure.
"joy yet to be realized" Yes, that's what I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
the girls all 3 look adorable.
big hug!

Shonni said...

The girls do look adorable. I am definitely have blur days...I just want to make sure that I stop enough to look at and enjoy the preciousness of these days with my children and family!!