Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh, yes she can!

 Miss Zabi took off on her bicycle like a pro, after about 5 minutes of experimenting without the training wheels!  I guess now it is time to move up to a bigger bike for her!

Heather worked for a long time with Chicka.  As you can see from her body posture, she is terrified. I imagine having no depth perception, riding a bike would be a pretty scary endeavor.  It was so sweet, though - she ran up to her sister and said "you are AWESOME!!!!!".

Yes, I do believe these girls need a sister.  Soni put up with them for awhile, but wasn't overly pleased.  Ahem - do you see the tiara?


Sandy said...

That is awesome for Zabi! I can feel Chicka's fear just looking at the pic. Sweet girls! Poor, poor puppy. Ours gets dressed up too and likes it about as much as yours. :)

Anonymous said...

yippee zabi! we loved the photos!
we agree, can't wait for those 2 to have their sister home.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Very fun to see them living life to the FULL! Nothin is stopping those little lambs! Love the doggy pic- our kitties have been traumatized by many a tiara or boa too. :) XO to each of you!