Friday, June 10, 2011

Doin' the job

THANK YOU, Mrs. Pygo - you are doing exactly what we brought you home for!

You'll have to excuse the bed heads - they couldn't wait to get outside with their new charges after rest time!  Unfortunately, these critters weren't "part of the family", like ours were when we had goats before.  They are more than somewhat resistant to relaxing and enjoying treats and petting.  We'll keep working on them!

This little girl finally calmed down enough that she wasn't straining against her collar.  Amazingly, Chicka stuck with her and I think they both enjoyed the interaction!


Madeleine said...

I love the bedhead pictures!! They are the bestest. <3 lol.

How have you been dear woman? Life is looking pretty good.

Kristi said...

If only goats were allowed in city limits here...
Adorable bed head by the way!