Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Addition to the Family x 3!!!!

Not what you were expecting, eh?  You have to agree that they are pretty darn cute, though!

We decided that with the price of gas, it just cost too much in fuel and time to mow the fields twice a week all through the summer.  So, we figured we would bring a few caprine friends back into our fold!  This group is a mom with her 3 month old twins; they are a pygora/nigerian dwarf cross.  

For the past few days they have been busily decimating the first field to everyone's delight!  We will have to wait for the next crop of kids to resume our milking routine.  We are all looking forward to fresh chevre cheese, caramel and ice cream treats as soon as possible.

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Kelley Brown said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for your comment. I am excited about your upcoming addition too! Hopefully the approvals will come quickly. :)