Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year

Whew - what a busy day yesterday! We left the house at 8 AM to make it to Mass only a wee bit late. Of course donuts and coffee afterwards are a given. OK - yes, I admit to whispering in little girl ears that they won't get a donut if they can't be quiet! So far, it has worked.

Dropped off IBoy and MissE at the lake to visit with some friends, while Dad, the girlies and I went to Auntie's house to visit for a bit. Picked up the teens and headed to Portland Convention Center for the FCC Chinese New Year celebration, where we met up with some friends.
Zabi thought the inflatable slide was great fun!
Zabi meeting Ann (originally from Shanghai) for the first time.
Chicka did NOT think the inflatable slide was a good idea. MissE nearly had to drag her down it.

Out to dinner at Wong King's - the first Chinese restaurant that most closely serves real Chinese food, not American/Chinese - YUMMY!
Our friends, Rick and Ann.
Dad is famously known throughout Guangzhou to be one of the only American's known to actually eat a fish head. He was tempted once again, but this one wasn't cooked just right, so he decided not to go through with the consumption. Here is the photo taken of him in March of '08 - this is the one that he DID eat!

Since we were in town, we had to make a Fubonn's Asian Market visit and browse the aisles. This time we were successful in locating olive leaf paste - a Korean condiment that is delicious spread on steamed buns. Breakfast this morning was steamed eggs, steamed buns, steamed rice and olive leaf paste. That's what I'm talkin' about!

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Goosegirl said...

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
Your celebrations looks so fun! Ours will be spread out over a few weeks. I am doing a CNY party at Ahnalin's school tomorrow and then our local FCC group is having it's party on Saturday. But the big deal is on Feb. 27 when we are going to the festival and parade in Chinatown, San Francisco. It is fabulous! If you ever get the chance to come down, this one is amazing and feels so much like China. Our girls are so excited!
I had better get back to sewing. I need to make Ahnalin some black leggings to wear under her silk dress, which is slit wayyyy to high on the sides. But she is excited.