Friday, June 19, 2009

Under Liberty Premier

They did it!  The premier of the movie was last night and I might add, a huge success!  The crowd loved it, and I think were a little amazed at what a professional job a group of homeschooled teens, all under 18,  were able to do!

One side of the cast.

The other side of the cast goofing off before showtime.

The star who filmed and directed the film.  All of 16 years old!

The DVD, complete with bloopers, will be available for purchase soon.

The marquis all lit up!  Pretty impressive!

IBoy and MissE take a pose.

Part of the cast went out to eat after the movie.  Yes, it was a late night for this old mama!

If you didn't catch the trailer for the movie, here it is:


scrappysue said...

WOW! such talent! and that soundtrack! you must be so proud. thanks for stopping by!

Leingang Family said...

Thanks for posting pics! I am still heartbroken that we didn't get to go. But the boys had a blast!