Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Bed

With each new child, whether they are biological or adopted, it somehow doesn't seem real to me until I have their bed set up.  So it is, again!  I wanted to find an exact match for the two beds, but being the thrifty shopper that I am (well, I try!), I found this bed for Zabi that kind of matches Chicka's!  Goodness, when you think about it, these wee beds will only last for a couple of years at most, until they need bigger ones.

Once it was set up in the girls room, guess who wanted to sleep in it!  So, we took the plunge and moved Chicka's bed up to the girls room, too.

Guess what happened last night??????  Wonder of wonders - the first night in over a year . . . . . . . Chick-a-Dee slept in HER bed ALL night long!  Woke up happy as a clam - well maybe not the kind of clams that I like to hunt for and eat, but nonetheless, happy!

Now the fun begins and I can start to decorate their room!

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