Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snowman Hunt

Dad found this one on Christmas Day!

It took everyone awhile to find him this time - I hid him in the garland above the french doors in the dining room.

MissE did a tricky hide - I found him only by looking in the guest bathroom mirror!

MissE hid him on the Christmas quilt, on the snowman on the lower left hand corner.  It hangs in the main entry hall.


I hid him on the sliding door between the kitchen and entry hall.

MissE hid him behind the fingernail polish in the kitchen.


IBoy hid him in one of my roosters above the kitchen cupboards.


This is the snowman.  He elusively hides all over the house and it is like a game of tag.  The person who finds it, has to rehide him for others to find.  He has been found in some pretty interesting places.  Some took about a week to find!


Leingang Family said...

That game looks like so much fun! Maybe we'll try it for St. Patrick's and look for a pot of gold.

McNew Family said...

We were thinking of doing it more often, too. Maybe a cross during Lent? A ghost at Halloween? Hmmmm.