Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

A spectacular end of Jesus' birthday day!

Having way too much fun!

Chicka really likes her Tinkerbell DVD.

Even the four legged dogs are enjoying napping in front of the fire.

MissE eating oranges in her new jammies.

Tuckered out Mom in Chicka's bed?????

The required tangerine from the stocking

I am very happy to have my own tool set to keep in the house!

Cartoons in Mandarin!  Yeah!

Our Christmas tree this year!  Due to bad weather and Dad having to work an extraordinary amount of hours, this was the best we could do!  Somehow, it wasn't too bad!

Someone isn't very happy!

Thanks, IBoy!  A glass teacup for the expanding tea balls!  Yes!

Dad gets to throw his old holy slippers out!

1 comment:

Leingang Family said...

What great gifts! I got to throw out my yucky slippers, too! Now the boys can't wait to come over again and play Guitar Hero!