Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Painting the Dog

Miss JiJi did a beautiful painting project today. We used swell paper to draw a dog and then combined shaving cream with glue to paint. When it dries, it is supposed to leave a fluffy raised texture. Somehow it doesn't look like it will much resemble a dog, but that is ok - we had fun! Fortunately she checked out the drawing first to see that all the parts were present and accounted for. Couldn't be painting an incomplete creature, you know!

Do you see what is sitting on the table in front of JiJi? YUP - it IS Mr. Marty, the traveling SmatBrailler! Thanks to so many of you, the braillewriter arrived at long last a couple of weeks ago and is being used with gusto. She is busy practicing her braille skills to enter into the national Braille Challenge competition in a few weeks - wish her luck!!

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