Friday, August 24, 2012

How About THIS Awesome Camera - It Could be YOURS!

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OR - here is their blog entry describing the fundraiser -

Exciting new fundraiser!!!

I am so excited to announce our newest fundraiser to bring Caelyn home!  Right now, we are in the waiting game.  Our dossier is in China and we are waiting ever so patiently (not) for LOA. We would love to hear anything but all has been silent.  Good thing we have the Olympics to distract us!

Anyway, back to our fundraiser.  I had a fellow orphan loving, adoption loving friend contact me with the offer of a lifetime.  My friend, Sonia, contacted me because she had won an awesome camera from another orphan loving, adoption loving warrior,Connie.  Connie, by the way, is working on bringing home their newest treasure as well!  Anyway, Sonia was thrilled to win but she wanted to pay it forward and give the camera to someone trying to bring another one home!  Long story short, she has offered us the camera to use as a fundraiser to help raise the remaining funds needed to bring Caelyn home.  Right now, we are still needing funds for travel.  Our agency estimates that we are looking at $10,000.  That seems insurmountable to us but not for God; He called us to this journey and He will see us through.

Here is the information about the fundraiser/giveaway:

It's a Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm lens. A very nice looking camera!!

Here is how the fundraiser/giveaway will work:

You may use the chip-in on the sidebar or email me for information on how to send funds directly. (The chip-in button does not work from an ipad or iphone need to use Internet explorer for it to show up)

Each $25 contribution = 1 shot

Each $50 contribution = 3 shots

Each blog post share = 1 additional shot

Each FB share = 1 additional shot

Please leave a comment or email me to let me know what you did.

Fundraiser ends August 31st and the drawing will be held that day!
These funds will all be used toward our travel expenses to China.  Here is a reminder why we are doing this....
Because she waits....

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